For the Finest National Legend

and Its Legacy

For over a decade, Ceramica Image Company Limited has offered its business services in planning and giving advice on the process of image copying, production and installation.


We treasure the nation’s important historical accounts and are determined to fulfil our duty in recording them; for example, in making copies of mural paintings and ancient paintings that are national cultural assets, as well as creating products for collections and safeguarding masterpieces that are worth conserving and being kept in order to hand them down to future generations. In so doing, we emphasise the significance of the details and context of the originals in such aspects as colour, technique, size, texture of the material’s surface and composition. We also consider the importance of the presentation method, technique and format through the use of image printing on ceramic.


The Unique Solution for the Finest Creativity & Imagination

Image printing on ceramic is an advanced printing technique and it is considered to be a new alternative for artists, designers and architects in creating their masterpieces in order to present their creative ability in depicting stories taken from historical indicators, significant paintings or copies of images of important people.


With a World Class Japanese Ceramic Masterpiece Print-Making Partner

Ceramica Image Company Limited is an importer of high quality image printing on ceramic products in collaboration with Otsuka Ohmi Ceramics Company Limited, a world class producer of image printing on ceramics which uses special production technology in order to ensure the highest quality and the sharpest of prints.


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